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I have interests in a lot of different stuff.  In fact, so much stuff I have no time to master any of them.  But I have fun trying and learning.

bulletGolf - I love to golf.  Here are links to some of my other web pages:
bullet Pinseekers - Pinseekers web site.
bullet Golf Stats - Golf scores and stats, from previous rounds played.
bulletWoodworking - I enjoy working with wood, building items or creating craft projects:
bulletScroll sawing - Scroll saw projects.
bulletFurniture - Furniture projects.
bulletInvesting and Money - I've recently started investing.  Here are some of my picks.
bulletUnder Construction
bulletGuns - I also enjoy shooting handguns for fun and in competitions.
bullet Under Construction
bulletFishing - I used to fish a lot but have cut way back.
bullet Under Construction

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